puccini rsm

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puccini rsm

Bericht door annovifrizio » 27 sep 2014, 14:33

like you this my draw ?? :-)


my webpage...


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Re: puccini rsm

Bericht door Patrickp_nl » 01 okt 2014, 08:44

It is a very nice design. I am always envious of people who are able to create such beauties!
Especially when designing coins. As one might imagine it is hard enough to draw a good picture. But a coin design hold the mids between a sculpture and a drawing, as it looks like a flat surface, but actuallyhas depths and hights, ergo being a 3d design.
You were very succesful with this drawing. Although still in 2d, the shadows make believe it is 3d already.
Very nice.
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